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Water color, Pastel color & Pencil Sketch

Road of Nature

This painting was painted for the divisional selection round in a national level painting competition in 2011. Here a man walking through a village road surrounding by trees. A typical village worker's simple life is represented here.

Medium: watercolor, pencil on Carcartridge paper

Road of Nature - Special

This is a practice painting for the final competition. This is a very special one for me because most of the color part is done by my art teacher Anik Bonik da. He was my mentor from my class 3 to class 10. I didn't paint over his marks. I kept this one as one of his memory. In this paint, a typical village worker is returning/leaving home with his son. Here I can imagine an image of my mentor guiding me like this man!

Medium: Watercolor, pencil on cartridge paper

Village River Nature

This is drawn in my very first year in university & probably the first one is drawn in my university life. There was about to arrange an art exhibition & so I have drawn this for the exhibition. A very natural picture of a riverside area in village life.

Medium: Pencil (2B, 4B, 6B), Jel Pen, Marker Pen in cartridge paper

Village Nature

This is my first ever painting created in watercolor. So it's one of my special ones. Natual scene of villages padding reaps. The small villager figures are added by my mentor.

Medium: Watercolor, Jel pen in cartridge paper

Road of Nature - Lite

My previous Road of Nature is drawn in pencil & pen over hard paper. In my first year in university, my senior Mahir Ashef vai gifted me with a drawing book knowing my interest in painting. This was the first drawing I made in that book.

Medium: Pencil, Gel pen, Marker pen

Home Is Here

Typical village houses scenario. A very rapid art in a shadow design. Drawn in the gifted drawing book.

Medium: Pencil, Gel pen

Rivers & Boats

Drawn in a normal paper representing a rival scene in a village area. Some river boats, trees, distance houses in this picture.

Medium: Pencil

A long way to go

Drawn in a normal paper representing a narrow vilage road to the house

Medium: Pencil

A House & Tree

Drawn in a normal paper representing a lonely tree & house.

Medium: Pencil, Jel pen

A Narrow Road to The Hill

Drawn in my friend Khalid Syfullah's Samsung S10 usign touch pen which represents a narrow vilage road to the house.

Medium: Samsung S10 Touch pen