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Tazbinur Rahaman 30 June, 2020

A sudden tour is the best tour!

Who doesn't love to travel? A sudden plan tour has some special kind of feelings. A tour of a foreign country is always exciting. And it becomes more awesome if you get a chance without any travel fee!!! Yeah, i got a free tour to Kolkata, India & we made plan & started our journey in just 2 hour notice!.

Sounds crazy? The story starts with my rich friend Khalid Syfullah in January 2020 when it was our vacation time & Khalid planned to visit Sikkim, India with a group of my other friends. But unfortunately (fortunately for me btw) he missed the flight somehow but the team already has gone. Khalid had only 7 days left for his Indian visa to expire so he had to make a trip to India as he hasn't yet visited India with that visa. But the problem is Khalid didn't visit India previously so his family was worried to allow him to go to India for the very first time without any company. But on the other hand, I made my first trip to India in 2019 already. So I was kind of tour guide guy to Khalid.

11 January 2020 , full vacation time of 9 days. I was sitting in my room in Rajshahi working on my interview project of the Hult Prize Foundation Internship Program. Khalid suddenly messaged me & told me the whole thing. As he had to make a trip, he offered me to go to Kolkata, India for 3 days with him & he will bear my travel & hotel cost. So I had to bear only my food & shopping cost. For just one minute, I was like Holy shit! Am I dreaming?! I called him & he was serious about this offer. I thought why would I miss this kind of free offer!? My passport was in Jashore, so I need to go to Jashore before I got to India. But the fortunate thing is there is a direct bust service from Rajshahi to Kolkata which goes over Jashore. But the bus passes Jashore at 3:30 am which is a quite impossible time to stop the bus & go to my house, bring my passport & again sit on the bus. But without thinking so much, I agreed & said Khalid to book two tickets on the bus which will depart from Rajshahi that night 12:15 am. We were talking this at 10 am - 12 pm. Then I needed to go to Jashore to bring my passport. There was a bus at 2:30 pm from Rajshahi to Jashore. I prepared a backpack & my laptop & sit on that bus. The bus reached Jashore at 8.00 pm. Then I went home, took a small amount of money, get my passport & get ready. At night around 4.00 am I get on the bus from Jashore & reached the Benapole check-post at 5.00 am. After passing immigration we landed on Indian soil at around 9:00 am. Then our bus took us to Kolkata at around 1.00 pm. Then we took a selfie & let our friends at Sikkim to know that thus we're in Kolkata.

Reach out photo ar Mirza Galib Street, Kolkata

Then we book a hotel, took a rest. In the afternoon we went for sightseeing. We traveled Victoria memorial, Birla Planetarium & so on. The most awesome thing about Kolkata is that there are more awesome things to eat & test rather than sightseeing.

We stayed a total of three days in Kolkata. We used to travel in the day. After returning to the hotel at night, I again worked in my interview project for the Internship Program. We're returning on 14 January 2020. We get on the bus at 7.00 am & after some time i got the offer letter that I've been selected for the internship. WOW! a vacation, a free sudden tour & an offer letter - what an amazing January 2020 it was!

What I realized from this tour that time is very precious, you might not find a chance to enjoy the time which you having now. And yeah, if you have a rich & lazy friend like Khalid Syfullah & he again misses any of his trips, you are a damn lucky guy!