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Tazbinur Rahaman 16 April, 2020

My best ever hackathon!

I must say, the National Hackathon on Frontier Technology 2020 was the best hackathon i ever experienced. But why? Because we won that hackathon!? Of course, that is a good reason but there are a lot of amazing things being which I'm sharing today.

I got familiar with hackathon type competitions after being enrolled in university. Till now I've taken part in 4 national level hackathon & placed in 3 of those (2 winners, 1 Runner up). The most awesome thing about a hackathon is that if you got selected for the final round you get free breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, unlimited coffee as well as free kits including T-shirts, notepads, badges and guess what? you don't need to pay any registration fee for those !!! This hackathon was no different like this. You know, who doesn't wants free food & kits! This was a 2 days long hackathon. The venue was Independent Universit Bangladesh and it was a well-decorated venue.

Participators busy building projects solving problems

This was one of the largest hackathons in Bangladesh in recent times. This committee members organized the Activation program for this hackathon in 10 renowned universities including ours to promote & get introduced with students. Surely thus, this hackathon created a hype among the students across the country. There were 10 categories of problem challenges to find a solution. A total of 359 ideas & project submission were placed for the hackathon & 51 teams were selected for the final round (5 teams from each category & 1 extra). We Team IQbator worked on challenge number #2 "Developing an Effective Tool for Monitoring Rural Road Development Projects".

The honor crest

In a typical hackathon, we were given the problem statement & requirements and we had to find out a solution for that making a project prototype instantly to implement the scenario. But this time each of the team was given 2 mentors & they were highly knowledgeable & experienced guide for us including high government officers, engineers of related filed, defense officers & university teachers. We sat with us, heard our solution, they found out the lackings we were mission & how to improve our ideas, how to implement frontier technologies in our project effectively. The awesome thing is that they were solving the problems with us. Tech Mahindra was the supporter of the hackathon & higher authorities who were present with us for 2 days long also discussed the solution with us. Thus we got to know how to think in a critical way, how to hack the problem understanding it well & finally got the solution. And this was the slogan for the hackathon which was Think | Hack | Solve

The three team members of IQbator just before the final presentation

To win such a hackathon, you need an awesome team. And here we got our team with Mahir Ashef, Tazbinur Rahaman & Rezaul Karim. Together, this team also got the Innovative Project Award in BASIS SoftExpo-2020! 10 teams from each challenge category were announced as the winner & those 10 teams will move to the MakersLab of Tech Mahindra situated in Pune, India in this 22 August for a 14-days training on frontier technologies & project implementation initiatives.

I found these types of hackathons as a character-building & knowledge-sharing platform. You meet with other talented students from other parts of the country, you learn new technologies, you see how others think the solution in another way which is a great opportunity to enhance your communication skills. All these things excite me to work with more energy & joy!
But at the end of the day, I just love free foods & kits!

Receiving prize from the state minister of ICT Division Bangladesh & with all other winning teams